Dead On – Strange Tales from the road to racing in Florida

Strange Tales from the road to racing in Florida

I am not sure exactly how these Strange Tales will go over the next five weeks or so of racing in Florida, but I can start by saying it has been a struggle to get all our STUFF into a 34-foot coach and 26-foot trailer. OK, it is a blessing to be able to even have this opportunity and I hope sharing the experience with those of you that my not get to do something like this might get a chuckle out of or learn something that will make your "towing adventure" a bit easier or at least easier to plan for.

How 'bout I start with the basic planning and expectations for this five-week racing trip from Iowa to Florida and back? First, I tried to make sure the basics of motor home, trailer and race car were as prepared as I could get them over the last couple months. Serviced the motor home; oil, chassis lube, all filters, belts and had new radiator hoses and fresh coolant put in (no easy or cheap task on a 19-year-old diesel pusher, by the way, as hose part numbers are not available).

The race car was the easiest as I just got it finished in August and it has about seven race days on it. Checked the valves, changed the oil and gave it a quick clean up.

The trailer is going to see a pretty hard trip as it has the car (3400 lbs), golf cart (650 lbs), my Collector Cable components so that business can stay active, just about every tool I own (just in case) and the "Doggie Day Care" pen we built for our dogs when we are at the track.

If you have dogs that go racing you might get a couple good ideas off this portable dog pen that son Andy built. The dogs like it a lot better than a rope that gets hung up on everything.

I checked trailer wheel bearings and brakes, put four new 10-ply tires on it, mounted two spares on the trailer wall and replaced all the lights with new LED lighting. The LED lights really make the trailer safer and I found everything I needed on eBay for under $120. I built a 22"x22"x72" front storage box out of aluminum tread plate because I knew I needed more room. In about 15 minutes that box ended up completely full. focuses on the high-dollar races with results, schedules, tech, racing tips, driver profiles and much more, all with the high editorial standards and professional look from the same people who have been bringing you since 1999.


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