Jok Nicholson’s most recent article in Dead-On garnered the most mail that we have received on one subject in quite a while. Here are our readers’ responses.

A Couple of Things

Nailed it... The only problem I have with is 1) I'm kind of old school. I have all the bells and whistles that were current 5 years ago but it’s gotten so out of hand that it’s not even in my dreams to go back to a big money race. Sure I could go spend a few bucks and get current but the 2nd problem is I'm not smart enough to use it.

Whatever happened to cut a good light and play the finish line. It is a crying shame to go to the buy-back window with a 6-thousand package. Great article.

Donnie Matthews

Restrict electronics

FINIALLY!!!!! Someone actually addresses the issue. I own a pro/et Camaro that I'm going to race in 2015 after sitting out a number of years. Personally I want to race and have a chance. I believe in test and tune sessions to perfect my craft but it stinks when electronics or the progression of electronics make things almost impossible.

At my local track I've witnessed heavy eliminator cars run like a finely tuned Swiss watch. It got to the point I could predict their numbers once I saw their initial run. 
Yeah, they would seemingly "tank" a run but you could figure out the deal.

They should restrict/ban the use of electronics in the "non" electronic classes and do what it takes to inforce it. Like you said, if they want to run that stuff let them have at it in their own class - give us long timers - former racers - returnees and newbees a chance...

Harry ut. Garland III

Ask NHRA to clarify

Hi Jok, I read your article and wanted to ask you to do something for me and your readers: on NHRA's NHRA racer website, on "Tech Tuesday" ask them what is legal as far as rev limiters and their use in Stock and Super Stock.

The reason for this is that last year I ran a Super Stock car at the 2013 AAA Finals and when I was near this car at about 1,000-foot mark I could hear his car missing or on the rev limiter. Had I lost I would have told NHRA's Bruce to check his car, but what would they look for? You’re right, I don't know either, so it would have been a moot point, but I would have asked this racer what that missing was.

Let me know and the collector tethers are still working.


Fred Moreno

Super Stock #7171

The top 5%

Just thought I would chime in here on your latest blog, I guess that is what they call it these days. I doubt you know me my name is Jim Whalen, I live down in central Illinois. I first remember you from going to Texas in early '90s and freezing at Motorplex and Kennedale.

I started racing about 1978 so I have seen several things. I had Gebhardts build me a new dragster in 1996 and ran several big money races with it. Didn't take long to figure out what was going on; sold it back to them after that season and went back to a door car.

Back then 95% of the money was being won by 5% of the racers, at the big races. Were they better? Maybe. Better equipment, possibly but actually a lot of the same names are still winning today. Once in a while somebody might sneak in and win but not often.

Funny thing is you can go to any local track and have a small package put on you every weekend. My son and I have a stocker we bought from Gary Emmons now. Both of us drive it, I race at the IHRA and Heartland events and he runs at the NHRA events. It is back to fun now and old dad can still win an event.

I enjoy your stories.

Jim Whalen