P.B. and Brett Candies: Continuing the Family Tradition

P.B. and Brett Candies

Continuing the Family Tradition

The Candies family has been involved in the sport of drag racing almost from the inception of the sport in the U.S. in the late 1950’s. Dad Paul Candies had dragsters, funny cars and early in his career doorslammers like the altered wheelbase Mopar shown above. Paul made his mark in the sport with his Top Fuel and Funny Cars until he retired from the sport. He died unexpectedly in July 2013.

Now his sons P.B. and Brett are carrying on the family tradition of excellence in drag racing and have come full circle. Like their dad they are racing fast doorslammers and in fact hold the record as the quickest and fastest Super Stocker in NHRA history. We asked family friend “Chopper” Leone to do a fast interview with the brothers late last year and he was kind enough to oblige.

Q: How did Candies Family Motorsports (CFM) evolve into Stock and Super Stock racing? And when did this take place?

PB: In 2008 I was reading that Ford was building factory COBRA Jets for Stock and Super Stock racing. I discussed it with my brother, Brett, and my dad and suggested that we should give it a try. Since we did not know how to start the process, my dad called his very good friend, Bob Stange (of Strange Engineering). Bob indicated that Ford would only build 50 per year and that orders for COBRA Jets had to be purchased through a Ford dealership. We contacted the Ford dealership from whom we purchase all of our Ford company vehicles and after a lengthy turn of events, we finally secured an order for a 2010 COBRA Jet (#13).

Q: How many cars were there originally and will there be more than the six (three COBRA Jets, one Super COBRA Jet, one Dodge Challenger and one Chevrolet COPO Camaro) that CFM is currently racing?

PB: Initially it was going to be only one, the 2010 COBRA Jet. However my dad did not know about the Challenger. Originally I purchased the Challenger from a guy who had purchased the #13 Challenger from the factory. After he purchased it, he decided he wanted to sell it. I purchased it myself without the knowledge of my dad and he was not aware of the Challenger until 2009 at the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We were attending the Reunion with the original Top Fuel Dragster that my dad partnered with Q-Ball Wale in the late 1950s through July 1965. Q-Ball was killed in a racing accident in July 1965.