P.B. and Brett Candies: Continuing the Family Tradition

Q: Is Roush used exclusively for engine and chassis set-up?

PB: Yes, everything. That is why Roush’s name is painted on all the cars and on the trailer.

Q: Are Strange products used on all cars? What are some of those products?

PB: Yes, Strange products are used exclusively – shocks, struts, brakes, axles, etc. The personal and business relationship with Bob Stange and Strange and the Candies family goes back over five decades.

Q: How was Jim Dupuy selected to be crew chief and what are his responsibilities?

PB: I spoke with Jim sometime in 2010 when he was crew chief on the Top Fueler. He said he loved working on fuel cars and I left it at that. Howev er, in 2011 the person we had working for us a crew chief went back to work for his former employer. That same yea we saw Jim at Milan (Mich.) and Indy and approached him again. He said he would like to see our operation.

In September 2011 we made him an offer as crew chief for all the cars, and since that time it has been truly a great working relationship having Jim work for CFM. He works on all the cars at the shop, at the races, assists Kyle with the computer tuning at the races, and all the functions of a crew chief. He is one busy man.

Q: At a race where you enter all six cars, and since a driver can only drive two cars at a race, will you have Rhett Fulton continue to drive the COPO and Darrin Christen drive the grey COBRA Jet as they did last year at No Problem Raceway?

PB: Yes, if they are available, because both of these guys have their own racecars. If they are not available there are several other drivers who have approached us that would like to drive for CFM, so we do have some options.

Q: What are the plans for Candies Family Motorsports for the 2014 season?

PB: Continue as we did in 2013, trying to be more consistent and to win more races.