Project 10 the Hard Way – It’s ALIVE!

Getting ready for the first dyno pull with the 850 Quick Fuel carb on the 415-inch small block. We got a best of 545 horseower and 522 ft/lbs of torque with this combination.

Professional Assembly and dyno time

Couple things I feel strongly about here and have learned a few lessons about. Unless you have all the right tools and measuring equipment, WHY build your own engine? For about $750 to $1500 you can have the engine professionally assembled, run on the dyno and when you go pick it up IT'S READY TO GO!

The Quick Fuel Black Diamond was almost perfect in the jetting and throughout the pull. We only made two pulls with this carburetor and both were rock steady. Best was 534 HP and 516 ft/lbs of torque. Pretty stout results compared to the 850 CFM, but with the small carb and small heads the 850 was basically too much carburetor.