Bruce Thrift’s Prime Position

(Amy Rowe/Raceworks)

Bruce Thrift’s Prime Position

Bruce Thrift Puts Himself in Prime Position to Be First Ever PDRA TS Champion

 A good ol’ boy from South Georgia, Bruce Thrift is also one of the toughest competitors Top Sportsman has ever seen. Despite a slow start to the 2014 PDRA season, he has worked his way to the number two spot in MagnaFuel Top Sportsman points and is sitting pretty for a run at being crowned the first ever PDRA Top Sportsman Champion.

Thrift made gains in closing the gap between him and points leader Dan Ferguson when he won the PDRA US Drags in late July. According to Thrift, however, he shouldn’t have won the event. Friday night after qualifying, Thrift shaved a small piece sticking off his reactor button, not thinking about where the shaving might end up.

“I was .001 and .003 Friday night,” relayed Thrift in his recognizable southern drawl. “Then went back out there Saturday and I could not hit the tree. I was consistent, but consistently slow. After I had been .001, I can’t take 40 numbers out of the box. I finally started dumping numbers in the finals. I said, ‘Lord you got me this far, what we going to do.’ Butcher went red. We’ve run probably eight or nine times after the last few years and every time we’ve run, me or him one has been triple zero up until now. Every time it’s four or five thousandths at the finish line. Me and Glen we’ve had some good runs over the years. He’s a very tough competitor. All of them are. You’ve got an elite bunch out there. You can’t take nothing for granted. It was my day though. Honestly, I didn’t drive good enough to win. I drove better than my opponent every round, but I didn’t really drive good enough to win. The guy that messes up the least is the one that wins. When it’s your day you can’t mess it up.”