Tom’s Tech Tips – Vacuum Pumps

Tom's Tech Tips - Vacuum pumps

The story here is simple. I always wondered if a vacuum pump was really worth the money. I decided on a GZ Vacuum Pump Kit. Theirs seemed the easiest to install and came with everything I needed. Simple instructions, no machining required and I used my existing valve cover breathers I had used for several years with my Pan-Evac to the header system. To say I was impressed is an understatement, I improved the ET of my big-block Mopar by over a tenth of second for about the same price as a used carburetor. Excellent value for the horsepower it produced.

GZ Vacuum Pump Kit laid out as it arrived.

We ordered the bracket for a front motor plate. This is the bracket mounted on the front motor plate for our Mopar engine. Similar mounting methods are easy to duplicate on any style of front motor plate.