Big Money Kick-off Classic at San Antonio Raceway

Ryan McDonnell takes green on a run for the Dialing for Dollars win.

Big Money Kick-off Classic at San Antonio Raceway

After a great day of racing on Saturday, Feb. 15, Sunday saw another complete show for San Antonio Raceway's Annual Kick-off Classic. Drivers in the Electronics, Footbrake and Jr. Dragsters again faced off in side by side competition on the eighth mile looking for that paycheck at the end of the day.

Early morning weather was a bit foggy, with a bit of drizzle, but temperature was in the 60's as time trials kicked off. Once the fog burned off weather was nearly ideal with only some scattered clouds keeping it from being a perfect day, and temperatures approaching 80. Track temps held in the low 70's through qualifying and early rounds. When the sun finally broke through around the middle of eliminations it quickly raised the track temperatures to the 90's.

For a 'full moon' weekend of racing things were relatively calm with only one major oil-down Saturday when a torque convertor broke, spraying oil nearly the entire length of the track. Sunday's only delay was a power outage in the area that took out all the timing and scoring systems for a while.

As was the case Saturday, Ruben Gallegos led the way early in the Dialing for Dollars jackpot session on his Suzuki Hayabusa with a .0124. Jeff Dempsey driving his 68 Pontiac Firebird thought he the money in the bag after his run of .0006 off his number. But in the end of the Footbrake runs it was Ryan McDonnell, in the San Antonio Hydro Graffix, '27 Altered Roadster stealing the jackpot with a near perfect .0001 run, or a mere 1/10,000th from perfection.

San Antonio's Carlos Carrasco Sr. scored the winner’s share of the Electronics (Box) finals over Bulverde's Mike Pearson in a rematch from the opposite bracket. Carrasco, in his Moreno & Sons Auto, ‘69 Pontiac Firebird, used a .006 light, then ran a 6.978 on a 6.97 dial to get the victory over Pearson driving the Reher & Morrison-powered, 2004 Undercover Chassis, who ran a limited schedule last year.

Carlos Carrasco gets the nose of his Pontiac Firebird up coming off the line.

In the final Carrasco Sr., 6.978 at 102.62 defeated Pearson, 4.892 at 136.32.

In eliminations Carrasco ran near consistent numbers (.95, .99) and never more than 2/100ths off his dial putting Michael Keylich, Chris Keylich, D. Cain, Russell Fields, P. Pennington, and Aaron Cole on the trailer. Pearson, who got a bye run in the semis, took out Carrasco in a double red light race on his side of the two brackets, a long with P. Pennington, Russell Fields, Kevin Picha and Cassie Pennington.

After pocketing the Dialing for Dollars jackpot, Ryan McDonnell doubled up for the day taking the Footbrake (No-Box) finals over Motorcycle Champion, Ruben Gallegos. Gallegos had 3/100th advantage on the start, but ran too fast on the top end breaking out by .0051 giving the win to McDonnell.