Resurrecting RED, part 1

Resurrecting RED, part 1

The longest running tech series in online magazine history, Project 4-Link (2001-2015) returns for its final series of tech articles on ‘How to do things right’



The first incarnation of the Project 4-Link dragster.


Let me start by thanking all the great people and companies that have supported the longest running tech-series in history, "Project 4-Link". We started "Project 4-Link" as a pile of tubing in February of 2001 and built one of the first -- and still one of the best -- four-link dragsters I have ever owned. From tubing to Top Dragster to national event winner to local track points championships, it has been a journey that a lot of readers have made with us and some still want to make. Companies like: Dart Machinery, MSD, Comp Cams, Ohio Crankshaft, Moroso, Smith pushrods, Edelbrock, Milodon, Titan Oil Pumps, Billet Fabrication, Weld Wheels, Strange Engineering, Digital Delay, BTE, Quickfuel, Aeromotive, Optima, Roeder Performance and Machine, Indy Cylinder Heads (in the Mopar days), World Products, Ron's Fuel Injection, TCI, Alan Pope Transmissions, Kanselaar Car Care, Hoosier and some I probably have overlooked after 14 years. Without great companies and their products our sport would be struggling. Now you purchase parts online that a few years ago had to be custom-made and were very expensive.


The name "Resurrecting RED" is a natural because when I decided I liked red on my race car, I got a little carried away. Everything is red. The body, the wheels and a lot of other pieces. We even have plans to make it even more RED in the near future. The "Resurrecting RED" theme came about after we completely destroyed our 632" Chevy in 2014. We have had 540" Mopars, 572" all-aluminum Mopars, 620" all-aluminum Big Block Chevys and our last engine was a Dart Big-M with a 632" rotating assembly.

At that point we could usually run Top Dragster, but those days are gone as it is not unusual to see 32-car bumps of 6.50 in Top Dragster. Those ETs are out of budget range and I am looking forward to only focusing on bracket racing with the new engine project.

RED, for those of you that are new readers, is a pretty basic 235", 4-link mono-shock rear-engine dragster. The chassis builder was a highly skilled fabricator that was ahead of his times in my opinion. We had features on this car in 2001 that didn't start showing up in other dragsters for three or four years. Interior master disconnect, CO2 gauges in the dash, adjustable pedals, steering column (height and length, front-mounted radiator under the body and other things that made it a pleasure to drive and work on. Enough about the "Old Red," it's time to set a plan for "Resurrecting RED".