Resurrecting RED, part 1

Engine: We destroyed pretty much everything but the heads and intake manifold when either a rod bolt broke or a piston pin broke. Whatever it was it broke the cam in three pieces, destroyed the block, crankshaft, rods and pistons. The oil pan escaped with only five holes in it and the oil pump was broken off the block! The new plan is to build an engine with these key factors:


1. Reliability: I feel that will come from less stroke (we had 4.750" before), better rod/stroke ratio, smaller lift camshaft and dry sump oiling system.


2. Horsepower: Our 632 was well over 1,000 HP but you pay a huge price for that power in maintenance and when it lets go, it's ugly. Our goal is to build an engine with about 800 to 850 HP and probably run it on methanol. We feel a 555 to 565 cubic.


3. No exotic parts: We will repair and use our Dart PRO1 355 CNC heads and put new valves in them. We are thinking another iron block, top quality crankshaft, top notch connecting rods and the best pins and pistons we can afford. About the closest thing I want to exotic is a dry-sump oil system.




We are putting a plan and budget together for what will be my last Tech Project. I have been considering retirement from racing and while I won't quite say that is getting closer that's for sure. First though, let's get with "Resurrecting RED"!