Resurrecting RED, part 1

We did pretty well with “Old RED”


I want to make one last serious effort to see what I can accomplish with a great chassis, reliable proven equipment and an excellent driver in my son, Andy, who sees the finish line far better than I do at 170 mph and has a better "strategy" on race day than I do. To accomplish that I am going to show readers how to get some serious power, reliability and win lights without breaking the bank.

Out first tech article will likely be in December or January as we go over getting the foundation -- the cylinder block -- picked out, prepped and ready. Dart, Brodix, World Products or GM Bowtie?

Upcoming articles will deal with piston choices and what "ring package" is best for your application. We still have to choose a crankshaft and other components. One thing that is still up in the air.....why not assemble it ourselves? We will bring up the pros and cons to that question.

"Resurrecting RED" is just getting started but I am sure we will be on the track in May and trying get the old Project 4-Link back into the Winner's Circle a few more times!