Some tips for running in both Box and No Box

Want to keep that converter cool when trans temps are hovering at 200 degrees? This D&D Race Products Kool-Verter fan bolts to the trans pan bolts and keeps the air circulating around the torque converter.


Transmission temperatures will also be a concern. Early in the day, you may have problems getting the tranny up to temp. Later in the day, as the rounds get closer, the heat will be harder to dissipate. I run an FTI converter that was setup for my combo. I told them I was more interested in consistency than going fast. The guys at FTI nailed it, and this converter has been a huge part of why my car works. With a loose converter and the gearing in my car, it really lugs when it comes out of the hole. It generates a lot of heat. I use an 11” x 11” B&M SuperCooler transmission cooler with a 10” Deralefan mounted to it. I also have a fan that blows directly on the torque converter, since that is where most of the transmission heat is generated. It is called the Kool-Verter, made by a fellow bracket racer at D&D Race Products. When time allows, I use a Black & Decker leaf blower. The 230-mph wind aimed at the deep tranny pan will cool the fluid down quickly.


Of course, synthetic fluid helps too. This setup is good enough for most racing scenarios. That being said, I have run into problems cooling my transmission. On really hot days, running quarter mile, and being hot lapped I have had a tough time keeping it below 200 degrees. I am researching the cure for this and will report back later on this subject.