IHRA Summit SuperSeries at Palm Beach International Raceway

IHRA Summit SuperSeries at Palm Beach International Raceway

Points change with one race left

Only one race in the 2015 season remains after the conclusion of race #10 on May 9 in the IHRA Summit SuperSeries at Palm Beach International Raceway. The weather was beautiful but very hot forcing drivers, crew, and staff to stay hydrated throughout the day. In this round, Quick 16 Dragster and Quick 16 Door Cars were included along with the four usual classes competing. The day ran smoothly for the field of more than 150 cars competing, yielding minimal mechanical issues and great racing.

Top Eliminator (Box)
Points Leader: Bill Pollard - 402 

At the conclusion of this race the championship points leader, Bill Pollard, may have maintained his lead but did not take home victory. Pollard of Lake Worth, Fla., was knocked out in round 3 by the No. 1 qualifier Justin Snyder from Vero Beach, Fla. In round 5, Snyder red lighted at the start, giving the win to Keith Hnasko of Jupiter, Fla. Hnasko then went onto the finals to face off against Robert Guido from Cooper City, Fla. Hnasko dialed in at 5.19 to Guido’s 6.46. The staging lights were lit and the red light displayed for Hnasko who went -.001 on the tree. Despite getting the win light at the start, Guido made a pass of 6.465, 105.34 and a reaction time of .023 seconds. 

Super Eliminator (No Box)
Points Leader: Sonny Freeland - 497 

In the Super Eliminator class it was John Taylor from Ft. Pierce, Fla., taking the No. 1 qualifying position and battling his way into the finals. Taylor faced Jim Augustin of West Palm Beach, Fla. Both drivers had very close dial-ins with Augustin at 6.45 seconds and Taylor with 6.44. Taylor had a reaction time of .140 seconds in his pass of 6.495, 95.17 mph, which got him the win. Augustin ran 6.471, 104.93 mph but had a slow reaction time of .265 seconds.