BTE World Footbrake Challenge at Bristol, Tenn.


Today's main event is a change from previous years in that $20,000 will be awarded to the winner of today's race.


"The WFC has seen some changes over the years," said co-promoter Jared Pennington. "Every one of them has been carefully made in an effort to benefit the racers and gain exposure for Footbrake racing. That's why we increased this year's Saturday purse. It is the largest purse in recent times that any footbrakers have raced for and we're thrilled with the turnout both from racers as well as sponsors."


A Racer Appreciation Dinner was also cooked up and served to all who attended following the fourth round of the race.  (Chris Haverly photo)


After one time trial session for all competitors, 355 race cars showed up for the first round each with big intentions of walking away with that $20,000 check. By the time we got to the quarterfinal round, the hopes of 347 were dashed which left us with eight; Brock Moshier, Gary Simpers, Bryan Walker, Kenny Case, Josh Epperson, Nick Bowman, Josh Wyatt and Steve Lyons.


Brock Moshier  (Chris Haverly photo)


In the round of eight, the pressure was building as three of the four runs were decided by the red light. Simpers went red against Moshier. Case was late on reaction time to advance Epperson. Wyatt also lit the red bulb to advance Bowman and finally, Walker went red to advance Lyons.


In the semis, Bowman, driving a car owned by last year's WFC Sunday winner, Wiseco Pistons' Vic Ellinger, took the win over Lyons, while Epperson took the better of Moshier.


(John DiBartolomeo photo)


For the final, Bowman left first and had the reaction time advantage but ran out by .024 while Epperson was also ran out by a lesser amount to leave take the $20,000 check back home to Barbourville, KY.