IHRA Summit Super Series at San Antonio, Texas

Todd Zampese (5.57), 5.569 at 120.26 defeats Josh Gaspard (6.87) 6.855 at 98.99


In one of the closest races numbers-wise on paper it was Matthew Keylich in his Keylich Electric, Royal Purple, Keylich Motorsports, RPC Chassis taking the win ahead of Emily Ball's, Half-Scale Chassis. The two San Antonio youngsters had nearly identical reaction times, coupled with the same dial index and both ran 8.12's.


M. Keylich also took out Ball in round one, Caden Meuth, K. Davis and got a bye. After losing to M. Keylich, Ball rebought and took down defending track champ, Ashley Hubbell, A. Wenske and Gianni Carrola.


Matthew Keylich (8.10), 8.125 at 77.51 defeats Emily Ball (8.10) 8.129 at 79.1