Project 10 Update: Getting ready for some 10.90 racing

We are using Jiffy-Tite #6 transmission cooling lines that have quick-connect fittings. Makes for drip-free removal and installation. The TCI trans shield is on and we now have an NHRA/IHRA legal transmission.


I entered the S/Pro (delay box) class and the Pro (no box) class. Couldn't drive a lick Saturday but got to the finals in S/Pro and semis in Pro. I am going to make a big change (or at least give this a try) next time and enter the S/Pro class with no delay box. I was very consistent hitting the bottom bulb (.006, .007, .007, .000 (bye run) but tried to be a bit conservative in semis and went .044 -- and when you do that against Rob Livingston you are probably done for the day.


I contacted the guys at APEX Machine and put in an order for one of their transbrake switches. It is adjustable in length of travel and you can also change springs to pull the button back quicker or slower. I have written articles about this type of transbrake switch and I was not happy that they are allowed. Does that mean I won't use them if they are legal? Nope. I want to try it myself and see if they are what they are touted to be.


This is the APEX Machine "Slooow Release" transbrake switch. Top quality all the way and I will let you know what I find for results. I have already attached my mounting bracket in this picture. I used a piece of cardboard to make a template and about 5 minutes later I was attaching it to the dash.