Project 10 Update: Getting ready for some 10.90 racing

I am starting with the switch mounted off the dash but I have no idea if I am going to like that or not. I have three or four races coming up and will update Project 10 next month after some Super Street racing.


The install is pretty straight-forward and I am just going to have a wire pigtail I can switch between the two buttons. Finding a place for the APEX button took a little thought as the long travel button comes out the bottom of the switch so you have to have clearance. I used what little brain I have left and mounted it on the dash in what I think is a pretty comfortable spot. This weekend will let me do some experimenting and I hope I can just roll into staging in the S/Pro and PRO classes and make no changes to my driving.


Got to "pimp" some of the companies who supported "Project 10". I want to mention Dennis Ridgeway who worked with me to get a diaper for this '82-92 Firebird and it had to have Kevlar (heat resistant) side panels as the headers are very close to the block and fitting the diaper was a bit of a project. As a matter of fact, if you are going to install a diaper with the thicker side panels, I found it much easier to fit it over the pan and lower the engine down with diaper installed as there is limited room between the pan and crossmember.


Thanks to the companies that have supported "Project-10 The Hard Way" because without their support it would still be sitting in the shop partially done: Comp Cams, QA1, JW Performance, Mickey Thompson Tires, Competition Products, Dart, RHS, MSD, Hedman Hedders, Strange Engineering, Weld, BTE, Deluxe Auto Body (Tim) for the nice "pull it over" red paint, and QuickFuel for the fuel system support.