Would LESS add up to MORE in these examples?

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3. LESS: is less always better? I think not. But in reality, and concerning the way bracket racing is shrinking away on most levels it might be worth a try. The fast cars that need great track prep to be safe and consistent might have to make a few changes or pick their events carefully. If the track loses 5 to 10 cars that "require superb track prep" before they can race, will that track pick up 20 to 30 cars who will instantly be more competitive? Nobody knows for sure.

4. MORE: is more always better? Evidently not. We have seen the transition of the S/Pro cars turn into almost a "dragster-fest" at local races and especially big bucks events. (Don't get me wrong, you can win with anything but to be honest the suspended rear engine dragster is the best tool right now.) More entry fees haven't really done much at all; more money in the payouts doesn't seem to be the answer or the pits would be full, right?


Every track has to deal with questions like these every week. It is a hard job to be a track manager and make the right decisions to keep enough money coming in the gates to pay the bills. I had a friend, who operated a large track for 15 years) send me a note about "how he would try to get more cars to the track" and I likes his idea. It's different but I think it would actually be a "showcase" of an event you could get spectators to come watch on a nice Saturday night. I will make this short but let me know what you think of the idea in general.

"Super-Quick Drag Racing" at Your-Town Raceway this Saturday Night!"

$1,000 to overall Super-Quick Champion.

$40 car and driver entry fee. No buy-backs, non-money winners can enter

$20 Consolation race starts after 3 rd round of Super Quick Main Event.

Cars qualify in "groups of 16". One round of qualifying at 6PM. Show needs to be done no later than 8:30 if it is to retain spectators.

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4 (you should probably have names or sponsors for each group, i.e.: Ronnies Auto Quick 16, BTE Run-Tuff, etc, etc.

Groups 1 through 4 run for same money, regardless of ET. (remember, 4 rounds to win your Class)

Lose third round get $30.

R/U in your group get $75.

Win your group, you go into the two-round $1,000 Championship Round.

Lose at four cars in Championship Round get $150.

Get R/U (second place) get $500.

Win the Super-Quick Championship $1,000.

The rest of the cars, after the "Quickest 64", at the track also qualify in Groups of 16 with a different payout, probably $500.00 to win as example.

**The goal here is to keep the race on time and entertaining. If we do not start getting the spectators back to the track, bracket racing will disappear due to lack of interest from track owners and racers with smaller budgets. I thought his ideas were pretty darn good. Tight groups of cars with similar ETs so it is more side by side racing, efficient show to keep fans interested and no buy-backs so a loser that night won't end up winning. I can't disagree with much of this idea. It would be different and maybe that is what we need???