UBDRA Black Sunday at Gateway Motorsports Park

UBDRA Black Sunday at Gateway Motorsports Park

Gateway Motorsports Park hosted a St Louis area tradition, the United Black Drag Racers Association’s Black Sunday event on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13. On Sunday, Eric Barach of Bethalto, Ill., defeated Ron Mergel of St. Charles, Mo., for Super Pro honors. On Saturday, Terry Lacey (shown) of Edwardsville, Ill., defeated Jason McKague of Chamois, Mo., in the final round of Super Pro eliminations.


Sunday winners also included Artie Schneider (Pro), Jason Phillips (Sportsman), Scott Leonard (Super Pro Motorcycle), Al Jones (Street Bike), Kayden Koehler (Jr. Dragster) and Anthony McGraff (Jr. Dragster Consolation).


Saturday winners also included Handy Hartline (Pro), Jeremy McKague (Street – with a perfect reaction time of .000), Californian Rob Linders (Super Pro Motorcycle), Phil Humphrey (Street Bike), Jakob Richardt (Jr. Dragster) and Brandon France (Jr. Dragster Consolation).


The Black Sunday event included drag racing, exhibition racing a hip hop car show, hydraulics contest and free cancer screening from the St. Louis University Cancer Center.

Final-round elimination results, Sunday, September 13
Indicating driver/rider, hometown, vehicle, elapsed time (E.T.) and top speed.

SUPER PRO: Eric Barach (Bethalto, Ill.,) 2003 Nelson, 4.821 sec., 140.61 mph def. Ron Mergel (St. Charles, Mo.,) 1968 Barracuda,  6.163 sec.,  109.58 mph

PRO: Artie Schneider (St. Charles, Mo.,) 1971 Camaro, 10.275, 130.33 def. Frankie Radake (St. Louis, Mo.,) 1968 Camaro, 9.247, 143.17

SPORTSMAN: Jason Phillips (Granite City, Ill.,) 2002 Mustang, 14.119, 96.87 def. Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Mo.,) 2000 Mustang, 14.404, 92.37

SUPER PRO MOTORCYCLE: Scott Leonard (Glen Carbon, Ill.,) 2009 Suzuki, 9.377, 138.47 def. Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Ill.,) 2003 Suzuki, 9.893, 137.53

STREET BIKE: Al Jones (Markham, Ill.,) n/a, 13.653, 96.20 def. Mike Reed (Florissant, Mo.,) Harley-Davidson, 9.729, 138.78

JR. DRAGSTER: Kayden Koehler (Festus, Mo.,) 8.020, 79.94 def. Lauren Chamberlin (Troy, Mo.,) 9.242, 68.61

JR. DRAGSTER CONSY: Anthony McGraff (n/a), 9.599, 66.66 def. Kayla Watkins (Madison, Ill.,) 8.726, 68.73

Final-round elimination results, Saturday, September 12

SUPER PRO: Terry Lacey (Edwardsville, Ill.,) 1969 Camaro, 6.029, 112.70 def. Jason McKague (Chamois, Mo.,) 1969 Nova, 6.339, 103.97

PRO: Handy Hartline (Granite City, Ill.,) 1986 S-10, 11.389, 117.05 def. Artie Schneider (St. Charles, Mo.,) 1971 Camaro, 10.279, 130.99

STREET: Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Mo.,) 2000 Mustang, 14.453, 89.20 def. Larry Wilkerson (St. Charles, Mo.,) 1987 Mustang, 12.701, 107.44

SUPER PRO MOTORCYCLE: Bob Linders (Mission Viejo, Calif.) 1982 Suzuki, 8.960, 143.78 def. Janie Palm (Bunker Hill, Ill.,) 2008 Suzuki, 9.569, 134.36

STREET BIKE: Phil Humphrey (Collinsville, Ill.,) 2006 Kawasaki, 9.381, 150.31 def. Scott Leonard (Glen Carbon, Ill.,) 2002 Hayabusa, 9.569, 134.36

JR. DRAGSTER: Jakob Richardt (Festus, Mo.,) n/a, def. Brylee France (Astoria, Ill.,) 12.305, 49.88

JR. DRAGSTER CONSY: Braxton France (Astoria, Ill.,) 8.761, 72.83 def. Lauren Chamberlin (Troy, Mo.,), 9.513, 65.35