Finishing Project 10: When you your spend money, spend it wisely

Transmission and convertor: With about 575 HP I felt a basic race-prepped Powerglide would be fine. I used a stock 1.76 planetary and rebuilt it myself with hardened pins, new thrust washers and needle-bearings. If I do it again I will probably go with a BTE 1.80 straight cut planetary. The transmission was pretty straight forward after that. I put together a 6 clutch high, 4 clutch reverse and used a BTE Pro-Tree trans brake valve body. With some careful measuring and taking your time following the TSR Powerglide manual I ended up with a tough Powerglide that will work for a long time. (*note: buy the aftermarket steel high gear clutch hub.) No need for an aftermarket case with this horsepower so that saves about a $1000.00. I did install a JW Ultra-Bell for both safety and I did not want to modify the firewall for a flexplate shield.


This is my "home built" race Powerglide. This is before I cut the bell housing off to install the JW Ultra-Bell.


This is our Powerglide with the UltraBell installed.   The new 8" BTE converter ready to "go to work".


Cut bellhousing: Leftover bellhousing of the stock Powerglide. Pretty easy to trim off. Just DO NOT cut too deep, as per instructions, or you get into the pump mounting surface. I cut a little long and then ground it back to be safe.

Installing the JW Ultra-Bell required a Sawzall to cut the stock bell-housing off and some grinding to make sure it would sit flat against the pump.