Finishing Project 10: When you your spend money, spend it wisely

These are the Hedman Husler race headers. Superb quality and no clearance issues.
Remote oil filter is required as is mini-starter.


QA1 offers replacement front struts with coil-over option. Eliminates the large OEM coil spring and lets you find the right spring rate easily. Tubular front A-arms were a simple bolt-on replacement.

When it came to a convertor I wanted something durable with tech advice that would be spot-on. This is one item I DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE COST OF, it is critical to a consistent car. I chose the BTE 8" Race-prepped convertor. It was built for this car with the engine power, rear gear and car weight all considered. So far, it has performed flawlessly. Start line RPM of 4200, flashes to about 5600 and shift at 6400. With the 4.10 gear we go through the traps at about 6200 with our 9x28 M/T Pro Bracket Radial tires.

Speaking of the M/T Pro Bracket Radial- Over the 4th of July at Eddyville Raceway Park I made 17 runs on Saturday. Fourteen of those runs had 1.55 60-foot times and eight of them were 1.554! Yes, I would say M/T might be onto something with that tire and I had over 100 runs on them when I got to Eddyville. We use the 9.0 x 28-15 Pro Bracket Radial.

Results are in the outcome of racing for me. Having a good looking race car, a fast car, state of the art or a tricked out race car doesn't interest me too much anymore. I am there to compete and not spend all day working on the car. It's about the driving technique, improving your race plan and turning on win lights for me. That is not true for a lot of racers and I totally understand they have different goals. When I feel I am not competitive enough to win, you will have a chance to buy a nice Firebird and I will be at the golf course or floating in my little fishing boat.


Caption UnderIt works! Two final rounds at the Citrus Nationals last November in PRO, also went seven rounds in S/Pro at same event. Project 10 was "beginning to show up".


The goal of the "Project 10 The Hard Way" has been accomplished in my opinion. We are competing and winning against $60,000 dragsters and tricked-out door cars and yet we can still race in the bottom bulb races with the PRO ET racers.


Over the year or so it took to build the Project 10 I would guess we have about $14,000 to $15,000 in the car. Remember, I did the body work, wiring, roll cage, etc. -- something most people can do if they commit to it without spending a lot of money. No fiberglass parts, still has stock bumpers, electric windows, tilt wheel, real glass. No fancy ignition boxes (using the 15 year-old MSD 6AL). Made our own air shifter for about $30. Used Racing Junk for a lot of the small parts like intake manifold, radiator, fan, water pump, etc.


Spending our money wisely paid off (about $6,000 in winnings since last November). I hope it will for you too!