Big Bucks Racing: Too much of a good thing?

2. Multiple cars for one driver, double entering the same car and driver, two drivers sharing the same car, all of this is just a way to get to the winner's circle with better odds than a straight up "one car/one driver" race event rule. Double entries keep single car racers (especially local racers) from entering the Big Bucks at their local track. The racers defending the "doubling up is fine" rule know if they are hitting the tree more often, getting a "feel" for the race day and the cars are 100% warmed up every round there is a slight advantage. Yes, the cars have to be built to take the quicker times between runs and the driver has to be able to stay focused, but simple math and proven results make this a winning edge.


The great equalizer to this race event strategy would be no buybacks and car and driver can only go down the track one time per round. I am positive you would see many new faces in the Big Bucks Winner's Circles. It wasn't that long ago when a one car, low-budget guy could pull off an upset and get big-name racers on the trailer first round. Right now, that is rare because of buybacks and double entries. Single car and driver entries take the "money wins" theory down about five notches.


I also think in an effort to have a bigger winner check some track promoters are draining the racers’ wallets too much with higher and higher entry fees. Sure the races say $20,000 or $50,000 to win, but when was the last time the last few racers remaining didn't split the prize money between them? Why not have less on top and pay big money to final two or four?


On the local track level: I agree round money is disappearing; it has to if the race is going to have a bigger winner/runner-up prize. Round money to me is like buybacks, it has run its course. Start paying after fourth round and give the locals a better winner's check.


I want to be sure that you understand my view: although there are some negatives to Big Bucks Races I think the positive that comes from them is great for drag racing. I will hear from some racers that the big winner money has killed round money. Sure it has, the money has to some from somewhere (entry fees) and all of us are guilty of making bracket racing very boring to a spectator. If you go to Big Bucks bracket races expecting round money to cover your expenses, you will be disappointed.


Big Bucks races are about winning. Practice, get the car to run the number, and you could get one of those Big Checks for your trailer wall! Good luck to those that attend those races and THANK YOU to the race promoters that accept the risk of racers choosing to support their Big Bucks Event.