Dead On – Some technical stuff and a few opinions for this month

Some technical stuff and a few opinions for this month

I wanted to bring some things up this month that deal with a little bit of technical information as well as a few opinions on what I see happening in our sport. As we all know it is seemingly harder and harder to find businesses that actually offer real, heart-felt “Customer Service”, I've had a few experiences in the last month that have “restored my faith” in some of the companies that support us local bracket racers.

 It started when I heard about the new M/T Pro Bracket Radial line of drag tires. I looked them up on their website and decided what size would fit the “Project 10 Firebird”. I wanted a set to try at the first IHRA Pro-Am race at Immokalee Raceway so I called the MT factory and they told me the Factory  Race Support Truck would be at Bradenton Motorsports Park and that they had a few sets in the trailer. They provided the cell number for Buddy, their factory rep, and when I left text messages for him he actually responded to every one of them (Bing, Bing one click for Customer Service).

 I told him what size bias ply tire I was using and we agreed the new 28.0x 9.0 Pro Bracket Radial would e the best. I told him I would be able to get to the track on a Friday afternoon and asked if he would have time to take the old M/Ts off and mount and balance the new Pro Bracket Radials. His response was instant and a big relief to me, he said “no problem, be glad to do it”. (Bing, Bing, more customer service.) 

I arrived at the track and fund out there were about 75 cars on the grounds. Mostly Pro-Mods and 10.5 radial cars testing for upcoming events in Florida. I want to thank the gate people at Bradenton for letting us in at no charge to get our tires and especially Buddy and his guys for getting the new Pro Bracket Radials mounted and balanced in about 15 minutes after I arrived. Great service and they made me a happy M/T customer.

How did the new radials work? One word- AWESOME. I ran in the Hot Rod class at the Pro-Am and the 60’ varied only .005 in 9 runs. The radial design of the tire allows a racer to use about 17 lbs of air pressure and it hooks with very little burnout. Shorter burnout means longer tire life and the 17-19 lbs of air in the tires means they roll easier and are more stable. The radial tire does NOT GROW at the finish line like a bias-ply and in my case I liked that because I am using a 4.10 rear gear. Overall, I think M/T (Mickey Thompson) has a great new design in the Pro Bracket Radial. (One note to you guys who race: The tires are still holding 17 psi after 4 weeks!! That means you don’t have to worry about them going flat in the trailer.Now some “other stuff”.

With NHRA offering a World Championship in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman will it change the “look” of these two classes? I think both of these bracket classes are a very cool evolution started by racers wanting to have the highest MPH cars in S/Comp and S/Gas and the assumption that at big bracket events it is a slight advantage to leave last, thus a faster car carries that slight advantage (if it is as consistent as the slower cars). focuses on the high-dollar races with results, schedules, tech, racing tips, driver profiles and much more, all with the high editorial standards and professional look from the same people who have been bringing you since 1999.


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