Dead On – Some technical stuff and a few opinions for this month

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What has evolved in the past three or four years is actually quite amazing. Local bracket racers are now capable of 6-second ¼ mile runs on a regular basis and they can repeat like a slower bracket car. Will the National Championship bring in the BIG $$ Guys who dream of a World Championship but did not like the idea of the “technical side” of Stock or S/Stock and were tired of the 9.90 and 8.90 races? Will it become increasingly difficult for a local guy to qualify for Divisional Race with the “World Championship” hanging over the outcome? If the local racer decides to take  the leap and get a bigger engine, do more traveling and race less at the local track; what effect will that have, if any?

These are questions that time will answer but I have an opinion of course. My son, Andy and I ran Top Dragster for a season, got into as many local Quick 16 races as we could and enjoyed it. I guess in the end I went back to regular brackets with less expensive cars for financial reasons and the fact that I can run for $1200.00 to $5000.00 to win in local bracket races every week compared to $1000.00 at the most in Top Dragster and even with LODRS contingency, if you 
win, barely adds up to $2000.00. Not that $2000.00 is bad; it is the fact it takes about four days and an average of 450 miles to run the LODRS events from where we live. T is a personal decision and I know a lot of races like the travel, seeing friends they met at other Points Meets and have either tired of the local racing or do not live close to a track with a strong payout 

It will be interesting how much effort (meaning money and time) some racers decide to put towards a National Championship. Originally, I thought it would make qualifying even tougher but so far in Div.2 and 7 I don’t think we have really seen too much of that. Maybe later in the year when blower cars will have the bugs worked out of them and racers get serious on this National Championship. There are some “serious fast” cars in T/D and T/S this year and they look to be deadly consistent, can they keep it going all year?

That is the short and sweet end of things this month. Around here we are getting ready for the season to start in a couple months so everyone is busy and waiting for warm weather. If you are in a warm climate I hope you have had some great races and if you are from the frozen North; be patient, the sunshine and warm days are coming.

See you at the finish line one of these days.