Super 10: A new year and a new project

Super 10: A new year and a new project

The new year finds Team Woodfin knee deep in a new project. 

I have always liked class racing and have raced several combinations with success. The drawback, with IHRA and NHRA in Division 4 only a few races are contested each season that are reasonable for us to attend. 

We also like to bracket race locally so the best of both worlds situation is a class legal package that can also be a bracket raced. 

Introducing the Super 10! 

After a time of planning we settled on a 1997 Chevy S-10 as our “goes both ways package”. 

The super stock piece has a 1966 Chevy 327/300 horse factored at 293 hp. In legal Super Stock trim it will weigh about 3100 pounds with driver and run about 10.30 quarter mile. 

In bracket trim it has … err, well, the same setup. :)

My goal with this build up series is to show the full project start to finish and all the way to a D 4 super stock race and a local no box bracket race.

In addition, this will be a done completely in house project. The only outside help will be some of the engine machine work and cylinder heads. 

It is my hope is to encourage other racers to expand their options by having a multi-purpose package. 

The Super 10 can run, but is not limited to: GT Super Stock; footbrake brackets; no-box brackets; box brackets; and Super Street.

Construction began on the Super 10 in August 2014. Now in January 2015 it is well under way and on track to be a great racer. 

As we begin the documentation I will jump around some and within a few issues I will have you up to current status.

My personal goal is to race a Division 4 Super Stock meet spring of 2016. Keep an eye on me as we work toward that goal. 

We have three more rear section photos. The first is another view of the new frame inside the old frame. Notice the construction table. 

Also, it is important to keep and eye on your setup. Be constantly double checking that nothing has moved or shifted, table level, cross members level, cab level.