Bailey takes Drag Week ‘Unlimited’ overall win


Hot Rod Drag Week is a very special stratosphere of drag racing, reserved for only the toughest and craziest drag racers in the world. It takes a special blend of mettle, perseverance, ingenuity, and flat out mechanical and driving ability to complete the entire week in any of the classes.

In the Unlimited class, as the name implies, rules are scarce and nearly anything goes. After skipping Drag Week last year, Tom Bailey returned with his latest creation, entitled “Sick Seconds 2.0.” Bailey took everything he learned from the car he piloted to Drag Week glory in 2013 and applied it in a more radical package for 2015.

The tube-chassis was built by Keith Engling at Skinny Kid Race Cars , which is covered by a carbon fiber ’69 Camaro body. The car weighs in at a scant 2,400 pounds. Power comes from a 615 cubic inch Brodix big-block that ingests air from a pair of 94 mm Precision Turbos. A Holley Dominator is tasked with engine management, allowing Bailey to switch from his pump gas street tune to the alcohol track tune with the press of a button. All of this combined to create a wicked combination that averaged a 6.7- second elapsed time at five different track days to secure the most prized trophy at Drag Week.