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EPA reopens public comments on race cars modification proposal

Thanks to the thousands who signed the SEMA-sponsored petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw its proposed rule on modifying race cars, the regulatory agency has reopened public comment on the proposal.

The proposed EPA rule would make it is illegal to modify a production automobile for racing if it affects the vehicle’s emissions system. That means things like engine swaps, going to a bigger cam, or even adding a simple set of headers could be violations of clean air regulations.

This rule not only affects race cars, but it also has very serious implications for the performance industry that makes the parts, the sanctioning bodies that organize competition, and the tracks.

But you can exercise your right as a citizen and continue to let the EPA know where you stand by doing two simple things:

• Leave a comment expressing your opposition to the EPA’s proposed rule at Make sure to use the Commenter’s Checklist on the site—it has a lot of tips to help you write a comment that regulators will pay attention to

• If you haven’t already signed the SEMA petition, go to and add your name. The goal is to get one million signatures by March 10, 2016.