New car for Davis, PDRA Sportsman Driver of the Year

GR_RonnieDavis-PDRA-champ copy

Ronnie Davis accepted his championship trophy at the PDRA Awards on December 12, but his accolades weren’t over yet. That evening he was also voted Sportsman Driver of the Year.

“I never gave it a thought about who would win driver of the year. It was very humbling to be voted Driver of the Year by my peers,” said Davis. “You win the last race of the year, you win the most races, you win the championship, you win Driver of the Year, and I started thinking this may be a good time to retire. I had been saying for about five years I was ready to hang it up and go hunting and fishing. My daughters said, ‘If you ever wanted to quit, now’s the time to do it when you’re on top.’”

His answer to that? A brand new car.

Davis says he’s “too stubborn to retire” and in his race shop he has a new Larry Jeffers ‘63 Vette, his 2015 championship-winning Tommy Mauney ‘63 Vette and his 2010 NHRA championship-winning Tommy Mauney ‘63 Vette. It doesn’t sound like he’s retiring any time soon, does it? (Gary Rowe/