TruSTART system to debut at Vegas Spring Fling Million

trustart copyOne of the challenges for bracket racer has always been what to do when both racers, with different dial-ins, go red.

K&N Spring Fling Million co-promoters, Peter Biondo and and Kyle Seipel were passionate about coming up with a solution and Bob Brockmeyer of Compulink, the most widely used timing system in the world, quickly agreed and started working hard into turning the idea into a reality. Simply put: in a handicapped race where both drivers go red, TruSTART will change the game by giving the win to the racer who red lights by the lesser amount. The worst red-light loses, period, regardless of if a driver leaves first or last.

“We actually tried this back in 1986,” says Brockmeyer, “but for whatever reason it didn’t take off. When Peter and Kyle talked to me about it last year, it just made sense now. Prior to TruSTART, the advantage in the red-light department went to the faster car. This helps to make it just that much fairer. Just like whoever breaks-out the most loses, so be it when it comes to a red-light.”

TruSTART, a product of Compulink and the Spring Fling, will be introduced to the bracket racing world at the K&N Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas on April 12-16.

For more information, visit  for a video explaining TruSTART.